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These are the security trends for 2020! (ENG)

3 augusts, 2020

GDPR has been extremely important in the year that passed and provoked some changes in how we work. Simultaneously, Cybercrime has grown bigger. Cyberattacks are more common and affect organizations more frequently. Therefore, it becomes important to know how to protect yourself and your organization. To keep up with trends is one of many actions one can take to stay protected. So, what can we expect from the year ahead of us?

In 2020 data breaches will continue to be one of the top security threats. This will most likely continue to be one of the biggest threats as long as personal data is a valuable commodity on the black market. This is partly caused by the new and stricter regulations, like GDPR. Being hit by an attack will affect your organizations financial investments to a greater extent than before. Having realized how important cybersecurity are, investors are now taking cyberthreats into account when considering whether to invest or not. Therefore, insurance for cyberattacks are more and more common.
Phishing is not going anywhere anytime soon. These types of attack will most likely affect 2020 as much as it has 2019. The same goes for ransomware. You should make sure your organization is secured and protected against these types of attacks and be aware of how they work. 
The overall development in our society requires more to get done with less resources. Cybersecurity is no different from other industries. Often you have a massive workload compared to how many employees available. Automation and integration will therefore affect development in 2020. Cybercriminals can use AI as a weapon to develop more sophisticated and malicious methods of attack. This makes it necessary for organizations to keep up with their development and use more advanced solutions.
The number of mobile units on workplaces continues to rise. Every mobile unit is a huge risk for the organization if the data is not stored properly on the unit. This is no different for private homes. There is an increasing trend of using smart units at home. Cybercriminals can take advantage of these by hacking them. As a result, it can be wise to have a guest network at home for smart units like a robot vacuum, smart TV, coffee machine, refrigerator, lights, thermostat and so on. These units all exchange sensitive information you might wish to avoid end up astray. Another advantage is that you do not need a long and complicated password for this network as the access is limited. You should still avoid de most simple passwords like “123456” and “password”. 
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