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Storage – IBM Launch FS5000

10 maijs, 2021

The IBM FlashSystem family is by far one of the best performing and scaling Flash Storage System in the market! 

IBM has once again proven that when it comes to functionality, security and performance, their products are very attractive, which makes the new family members for their FlashSystem storage portfolio even more interesting.

 On Tuesday February 9th, 2021, IBM launched 3 new models to the IBM Storage FlashSystem family – IBM FS5015, IBM FS5035 and IBM FS5200. All 3 models belong to the entry-level family but comes with enterprise functionalities.

 Especially the new IBM FlashSystem 5200 makes it possible for you to invest in a Flash storage system with exceptional flexibility, security, and performance all at entry level cost and as a Scale OUT or Scale UP system. A lot of software licenses are included in the IBM FS5200 as well as IBM Storage Insights, Virtualization, Compression, Deduplication, Flashcopy, Remote copy, Easy Tier, and Hyperswap and the FS 5200 also supports 4-way Clustering.

 One of the software licenses is the award-winning IBM Spectrum Virtualize. IBM Spectrum Virtualize is always integrated into the IBM FlashSystem family and it has a lot of different functionalities. For example, it gives the opportunity for storage virtualization – data migration from a NON-IBM storage system to a FlashSystem 5000. This makes it easy and secure to integrate your storage system with other IT environments.

 You might think that this sounds difficult and expensive, but with the help from its advanced software functionality, IBM Spectrum Virtualize can save you from a lot of unnecessary administration while still in the best possible way take advantage of your existing hardware.

 It is not a joke when IBM uses the expression: “Storage made simple for all”, because with all these unique features that comes along with the new IBM FlashSystem, you will not only get extremely high valueyou’re your money, but also maximum security, functionality, stability, and speed – all in one simple setup with easy integration and minimal administration.

 IBM FlashSystem offers a long list of unique features and we want to tell you all about it. Contact your local Pedab team for more information!

 IBM FlashSystem includes:

  • Storage virtualization
  • FlashCore & SCM technology
  • Enterprise support
  • 99,9999% guaranteed uptime with Hyperswap
  • Easy tier
  • Hybrid Cloud integration
  • Entry storage with enterprise functionality!

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Vladimiras Silkovas, Business Manager Infrastructure Solutions – Baltics at PEDAB Lietuva