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Storage -IBM Launch FS5000

The IBM FlashSystem family is by far one of the best performing and scaling Flash Storage System in the market! 

Why the cheapest cyber security is the most important security?

Solutions for cyber security come in many makes and models but all of them have traditionally had a hefty price tag in either costs or time consumed. Hence, it is mainly the larger organizations that…

Do you trust your email?

90% of all security attacks start with phishing. A successful phishing attack is just the beginning of your problem. These types of attacks are more often than not used so the hacker get a foot in the…

This is how much your business will loose from being hacked (ENG)

Cyber-attacks occur more frequently and in different forms. The fact is that cyber attacks can cause financial losses and affect reputations for several years. From lost business to regulatory fines and repair costs, breaches of…

7 different types of hackers you must know about (ENG)

Hackers’ motivation is very varied – it can be anything from idealists to industrial espionage and organized crime. Thus, the term hacker does not mean a criminal or irresponsible person. Some have good intentions and…

Kā efektivizēt plānošanas procesu (LV)

Uzņēmuma budžeta kontrole un regulāra sekošana tam ir viens no, ja ne pats svarīgākais uzdevums veiksmīga uzņēmuma izaugsmei. Katrs uzņēmējs vēlas būt pēc iespējas tālāk no nevēlamā, no bankrota. Regulāra plāna izpildes uzraudzība ļauj vadībai…

5 Basic IT-security tips you must follow (ENG)

We have previously written about 7 smart IT security tips you should read before you go on vacation, but it is so important to protect your own and your company’s data during the workday as…

These are the security trends for 2020! (ENG)

GDPR has been extremely important in the year that passed and provoked some changes in how we work. Simultaneously, Cybercrime has grown bigger. Cyberattacks are more common and affect organizations more frequently. Therefore, it becomes…

Pedab and Experis have entered into a strategic partnership (ENG)

Pedab and Experis are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership for the sale and delivery of IT security services in the Nordic and Baltic markets.  

Video blogs, Kafijas pauze ar Leonu Medni (LV)

Esi sveicināts mūsu pirmajā bloga rakstā – Kafijas pauze ar Leonu Medni

Sarunas par analītiku (LV)

Saruna ar kolēģi par analītiku. Vārds pa vārdam un kolēģis saka: “Leon, vai tu vari man izstāstīt vienkāršāk – kāpēc man vai manam uzņēmumam ir vajadzīga analītika?”


These are the security trends for 2020!

5 Basic IT-security tips you must follow

Finanšu plānošana un budžetēšana

Kā efektivizēt plānošanas procesu

Video blogs, Kafijas pauze ar Leonu Medni (LV)

VAI MANAM UZŅĒMUMAM NEPIECIEŠAMA DATU ANALĪTIKA ? Daudz tiek runāts par datu analītikas nepieciešamību uzņēmumā. Kurš ir tas brīdis, kad manam uzņēmumam būs nepieciešama datu analītika? Un ar ko atšķīrās atskaišu analizēšana no analītikas? Kā…